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Why Do Our Customers Choose Us?

What are our Core Values?

  • We will be hard working, dynamic and enthusiastic
  • We will go the extra mile
  • We will be honest and vendor independent
  • We will be flexible, agile and easy to work with
  • We will not over promise and under deliver
  • We will be prepared to walk away from a requirement that we are not 100% certain that we can deliver to the highest of standards

Our ultimate ambition with all of our customers is to be viewed as an extension of their own internal IT teams and their go-to partner of choice. We achieve this by closely aligning our key personnel with our customers and ensuring that we put enormous energy, effort and enthusiasm into understanding their priorities, challenges and business goals.

We are vendor independent and will only ever position the most appropriate technology that meets our customers core business requirements, objectives and budgets. We will not compromise our integrity by working with manufacturers who insist on revenue spend targets and marketing rebates for financial gain.

We believe that by working in partnership with our customers we help them make the most informed technology decisions and assist them in negotiating with the manufacturers to ensure the highest discounts on new CAPEX and OPEX initiatives.

While some customers take satisfaction from working with the larger organisations, we are here to challenge the mind-set that big is best. We want our customers to know that while we have ambitious plans for growth this will never be at the detriment of our core values and the key personnel and processes that were founded.

Our goal is to innovate and grow while maintaining a 100% customer retention rate!

Our customers are not just an account code and a contact on a CRM system. We take time to get to know our customers personally, conduct quarterly business reviews and weekly technical project calls. We promote multiple points of touch from sales, technical and back office. We truly embrace cloud systems so we are always available anywhere.  We constantly come up against the big boys and win against them. This is testament to our people, our approach and our focus.



What's Our Approach?

Why Are We Vendor Independant?