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What's Our Approach?

With a dedicated account management team of sales, technical and pre-sales, our approach is to work six to twelve months ahead of the present time. This allows us to build trust with our customers and truly understand their priorities, challenges and business goals.

We consult, advise and map out the core dependencies to ensure that by the time a project or engagement is due to start we have helped the customer through activities such as white boarding, performance bench testing, evaluation assessments and business justification. We ensure that we have mapped out any skills gaps and plugged them, we have agreed training plans and any knowledge transfer and we are working on time and to budget.

The essence of our delivery approach is a Prince 2 based methodology which helps us to create a known and repeatable approach to projects.  We take our customers on an end to end journey through a transition and transformation to a preferred practice solution or service, then continuous improvement through Innovation.

This journey can be applied to any project or programme of work and the modular building blocks of deliverables (such as statement of requirements, statement of works, project plans, testing plans) will be used to create a fully detailed milestone driven project and subsequently into the managed service.

The Phases will include:

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Migration
  • Transition

Ultimately, we help our clients evolve to a service-enabled model, providing on-demand elastic services and agility, enabling IT to focus on innovation.



Why Do Our Customers Choose Us?

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