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Storage Backup & Archiving

According to analysts, by 2020 there will be 44 Zettabytes of IT storage data, which equates to over 5300Gb of data for every man, women and child on the earth. Of this data only 15% is expected be stored in the cloud. To put that in perspective 44 Zettabytes is 44 trillion gigabytes, estimated to be over 57 times the amount of all the grains of sand on every beach on earth. All Data is expected to double every 2 years through 2020 while the datasets becoming larger and more complex! With the explosion of IT data storage, it is absolutely imperative for organisations to make informed decisions when reviewing their on-going storage, backup and archiving needs and strategy.

By adopting next generation technologies either on premise or as-a service, the focus can be returned to files, applications, and databases, not the underlying infrastructure. This in turn enables you to use your data in multiple new ways, for example, to provision unlimited virtual copies for application development, testing and analytics, to rapidly recover a large database, to restore from events e.g. site failure, application migration, data centre consolidation.

iSYSTEMS is a centre of excellence for next generation storage, backup and archiving technologies and has assembled a group of IT professionals with decades of experience in the IT industry. We take time to really understand our customer’s needs and long term objectives for managing data. We’ll take the time to explain the merits of one technology over another and remove the confusion over the various

iSYSTEMS can help you take a proactive approach to data archiving, allowing cold data to be migrated away from expensive primary storage into a low cost highly available active archive solution, whether on premise or cloud based.  By introducing a successful active archive policy, we are helping customers reclaim and repurpose petabytes of expensive primary storage while significantly reducing the amount of data that needs to be backed up. Archived important business data can even be made available with an instant search function for all files, stored across all snapshots, either on-premises or in the cloud.

All vendors claim to have the “best solution” and it can be difficult to understand exactly which solutions are the best fit for your organisation. iSYSTEMS will help you navigate through the saturated landscape and help you to scope out strategic solutions, not just short term tactical fixes, enabling you to:

  • Significantly reduce backup windows
  • Use any public cloud or on-premise platform to store and replicate backups
  • Dramatically improve RPO & RTO
  • Instantly recover 100+ TB Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 and other enterprise databases
  • Leverage as-a-service offerings to remove all management overhead
  • Leverage advanced deduplication and object storage for long term retention
  • Ensure data sovereignty
  • Granular and predicative instant search functionality, even from cold archive storage
  • See how data is being used across your environment and make smart decisions about what to move, archive, replicate and manage