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Product Selection & Procurement

While the industry ultimately moves towards a more simplistic service driven catalogue of IT consumption through the adoption of cloud and aaS models, there still remains a significant need for customers to consider technologies and purchase products and solutions that meet their business requirements.

iSYSTEMS works with leading edge hardware, software and service providers to bring the best possible value and return on investment for our customers. Using our in-depth knowledge of the industry and the competitive landscape, we are able to advise when best to make significant purchases and the potential wide scale savings that can be realised based on the manufacturers annual sales cycles.

Working with your sourcing teams we can ensure CAPEX and OPEX strategies and complex licensing models are managed in line with your governance processes. We can advise our customers on achieving strategic purchases based on any restrictions in CAPEX and OPEX budgets. In short we will bring you tomorrow’s technologies today while adhering to your organisations strategic aims and management processes.