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Next Generation Storage

iSYSTEMS was founded with the vision of becoming a centre of excellence for next generation storage technologies. Having now deployed Petabytes of next generation flash based primary storage infrastructure across multiple customer sites across the UK we believe we are well on the road to achieving this vision.

According to analysts, by 2020 there will be 44 Zettabytes of IT storage data, which equates to over 5300Gb of data for every man, women and child on the earth. Of this data only 15% is expected be stored in the cloud. To put that in perspective 44 Zettabytes is 44 trillion gigabytes, estimated to be over 57 times the amount of all the grains of sand on every beach on earth. All Data is expected to double every 2 years through 2020

Moores Law formulated in the 1970s stated that CPU speeds will double every 2 years. With CPU, DRAM and Network speeds increasing consistently over time the Hard Disk Drive is still spinning at 15,000 RPM which it has been since 2001. With the speed of CPUs and RAM significantly increasing and the spinning disk remaining constant this has now increased the transaction WAIT time where the transaction is waiting on the spinning disk to respond.

NAND flash is a disruptive technology that now brings persistent storage back in line with Moores Law and will reduce the transaction time latency and significantly increase the number of IOPS per disk package.

While the cost per TB for disk storage may seem relatively inexpensive, the cost for I/O response time performance (‘cost-per-IOPS’ or ‘cost-per-transaction’) also needs to be effectively addressed and put into the proper context as part of the datacentre QoS cost structure. The key to removing datacentre I/O bottlenecks is to find and address the problem instead of simply moving or hiding it with more hardware and/or software.

With the explosion of IT data storage, it is absolutely imperative for organisations to make informed decisions when reviewing their on-going storage needs and strategy. All vendors claim to have the “best solution” for customers. In a saturated marketplace it can be difficult to understand exactly which solutions are a best fit for your organisation. iSYSTEMS has assembled a group of IT professionals with decades of experience in the IT industry. We will help you to navigate through the flash and hybrid storage landscape and help you to scope out strategic solutions, not just short term tactical fixes!

We take time to really understand our customer’s needs and long term objectives for primary storage. We’ll take the time to explain the merits of one technology over another and remove the confusion over the various Flash Memory Types such as DRAM, ELC, MLC? Scale up or Scale out or both? FC Connectivity? iSCSI Connectivity? NFS or CIFS? Inline Deduplication Y/N? Inline compression Y/N? Thin Provisioning Y/N? Zero Block Reclaim Y/N? Snapshots Y/N? Clones Y/N? Replication Y/N? QOS Y/N? Double Disk Failure support Y/N? Non Disruptive Software / Hardware Upgrades Y/N? VAAI Support Y/N? USP’s – what makes one vendor more appealing than another?

We will provide you with a free of charge no obligation consultation and help you understand the value of performance, including response time or latency and numbers of I/O operations for each environment and particular application within your estate. Being 100% vendor neutral we can guide our customers through these complexities and then help them bake off and performance bench test various technologies against specific test plans to ensure the right technology is deployed every time.