Breakfast Briefing - Machine Learning and Cyber Defence with Darktrace

iSYSTEMS is holding a series of intimate briefings with Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defence, and our sister Company iFORCE Security. Eight Private Members Club is an exclusive venue located just a stones throw from Bank Station and Royal Exchange.


Created by mathematicians, the Enterprise Immune System uses machine learning and AI algorithms to detect and respond to cyber-threats across diverse digital environments, including cloud and virtualised networks, IoT and industrial control systems. The technology is self-learning and requires no set-up, identifying threats in real time, including zero-days, insiders and stealthy, silent attackers. 


Instead of predefining ‘bad’ behaviours and relying on prior knowledge about previous attack methods, Darktrace’s machine learning is capable of automatically modelling and clustering information dynamically and at speed. Wherever a threat emerges, Darktrace Enterprise detects and blocks in real time, allowing for swift mitigation and remediation.





Key Darktrace Features;

  • Unique approach to Cyber Security: Artificial Intelligence thatdoes not rely on rules and signatures but learns ‘on the job’
  • The Enterprise ImmuneSystem passively detects external and insider threats whilst providing100% network visibility
  • Automatically blocks threats 
  • 3D Threat Visualisation Interface
  • Works across on-premise network, virtualised environment, Cloud and SaaS (AWS, Azure, O365etc)
  • Complements existing perimeter tools and SIEMS
  • One hour installation
  • One month, no obligation free trial


iFORCE Security delivers ‘The Whole Force Approach’ to plan, lead and execute a multifaceted penetrative assessmentof any and all infrastructure. 

iFORCE protects organisations from the next wave of attack methodology and practice. All operatives are ex Special Forces and Intelligence Services, operationally validated globally in non-permissive, high threat environments. The team is comprised of individuals that have developed niche skills over many years and have conducted Operational Penetration Tests on behalf of Governments both nationally and internationally,in the global war on terror.