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End User Computing

An end-user computing or workspace transformation strategy comes with plenty of challenges, from managing user expectations to dealing with the myriad options for delivering apps to users. Improving end-user experience, but also keeping corporate data safe is extremely high on the list of priorities for organisations who value employee productivity and the perception of the value IT brings to their business.

Keeping up with evolution in end user computing has meant that many legacy platforms currently fail to meet user expectations and can be notoriously challenging to manage, especially when you factor in poorly written in-house applications that have been around for decades! Effective EUC management programs comprise elements of governance, process, people, and technology, each of which should be customised to meet the specific needs of the organisation. We take time to understand our customers, their strategic objectives, their IT users and the way they work. Our consultative approach ensures we deliver them a relevant & positive IT experience, whatever device they are using, wherever they may be.

iSYSTEMS understands that the way we work is evolving and employees demand IT solutions that enable them to be dynamic, collaborative and able to work anywhere from a multitude of devices. Organisations that cannot offer their employees this flexibility fail to attract and retain the best talent. Delivering this experience while maintaining security and usability standards is a challenge almost every organisation is facing today. We can help you to:

  • Migrate to Office 365 with Azure Active Directory
  • Implement Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) in Azure
  • Implement Enterprise Mobility (EMM) solutions such as Microsoft InTune or Airwatch to provide policies, security and authentication of the devices
  • Modernise legacy VDI implementations