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Cyber Security

Brand damage, loss of productivity, falling stock prices and more contribute to significant business impacts in the wake of a breach.

The average cost estimate for cleaning up a cyberattack comes in at around $1.1 million, according to a recent survey. But this is actually a rosy view: For those organisations that actually calculate the real cost of an attack, that number increases significantly to $1.67 million. According to Radware’s 2018-2019 Global Application and Network Security Report, there has been a 50 percent growth in organisations that estimate the cost of an attack to be greater than $1 million, and an overall shift away from lower estimations.

iSYSTEMS will help you to identify, detect and respond to the most subtle cyber-threats within the network, including insider threat, cryptojacking and banking trojans.  We’ll identify your organisation’s susceptibility to cybercrime and cyber-attack. Our consultants will help you to analyse the latest technologies, manage proof of concepts, run planning and design workshops, installation and configuration services and project management.

We can deliver advanced AI and machine learning technology to provide comprehensive visibility into your networks’ activity, allowing you to proactively respond to threats and mitigate risk. We also cover core requirements such as 2 Factor authentication, Anti Malware, DLP, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, SIEM, Vulnerability Management and Web Security etc. However, technology is just part of the solution. We can also deliver Ethical Phishing Campaigns and Cyber Simulations to help you assess your vulnerability. We can then deliver awareness learning initiatives to your staff, help you measure the success of changing behaviour and demonstrate the value of your investment.

Our sister company iFORCE Security takes this to a whole new level!

iFORCE protects organisations from the next wave of attack methodology and practice. All operatives are ex Special Forces and Intelligence services, operationally validated globally in non-permissive, high threat environments. The team is comprised of individuals that have developed niche skills over many years and have conducted Operational Penetration Tests on behalf of Governments both nationally and internationally, in the global war on terror.

iFORCE Security delivers ‘The Whole Force Approach’ to plan, lead and execute a multifaceted penetrative assessment of any and all infrastructure. We can covertly bypass every technical/physical measure that has been developed to protect networks and servers. Our core services range from protection from physical and cyber-attack, next generation penetration tests and tailored Major Incident training and awareness packages.

With remote cyber defensive systems becoming extremely sophisticated, the computing horsepower needed to enact an attack is now all but limited to state sponsored organisations. iFORCE is uniquely capable of using remote access and exploit, combined with social engineering techniques, to place our cyber operatives at the physical point of contact with systems and servers. This enables us to circumnavigate any and all virtual barriers in order to deliver a suite of undetectable covert passive-to-active payloads that can be activated instantaneously anywhere in the world to enable complete and unfettered access to an organisations network.

Our experts have helped a wide range of companies, governments and agencies create custom services to address their most pressing issues. Every engagement starts by listening to you to find out which assets and initiatives are most important to your organisation. Then, we bring to bear our unparalleled experience and technical resources to assess and improve your cybersecurity in support of your mission.

iFORCE has the capacity and capability to test both physical and virtual routes to mission critical assets. We possess the capability to create a shell that will envelope, probe, snipe and evade vulnerabilities. From start to finish, we protect your vital data, so you can sleep better at night and do it in meaningful, measurable ways that can transform a vulnerable employee to a defender of data.