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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a critical issue for all businesses who need to protect systems, networks and data in cyberspace. Cybercrime is becoming big business and tech firms are in an arms race to outdo sophisticated criminal operations. An effective cyber security posture should be proportional to the risks faced by each organisation, and should be based on the results of a risk assessment.

Cybercrime is continuing to dominate the headlines for all the wrong reasons including effects on the US presidential election, Yahoo data breach, Talk Talk Data Breach, Sony Pictures and many other examples. However, it is not just the large companies that are being targeted, according to PWC approximately 55% of UK firms have fallen victim to economic cybercrime in the past two years.

iSYSTEMS will help you to identify your organisations susceptibility to cybercrime and cyber-attack. Our consultants will help you to analyse the latest technologies, manage proof of concepts, run planning and design workshops, installation and configuration services and project management.

Our services and solutions cover 2 Factor authentication, Anti Malware, Data loss prevention, device control, email security, encryption, firewall, intrusion prevention, mobility, SIEM, virtualisation security, vulnerability management & web security. However, technology is just part of the solution. We can also deliver Ethical Phishing Campaigns and Cyber Simulations to help you assess your vulnerability. We can then deliver awareness learning initiatives to your staff, help you measure the success of changing behavior and demonstrate the value of your investment.