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Software Defined & Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Infrastructure control and management is becoming increasingly more simplified, with organisations realising the benefits of transitioning to software defined and hyperconverged solutions. Hyperconverged can dramatically simplify IT infrastructure by combining storage, networking and compute resources into one easy-to-manage dynamic tier. Software defined allows all, or specific, elements of the infrastructure to be virtualized and delivered as a service, regardless of underlying hardware. With IT teams expected to be increasingly more agile and efficient, despite tightening budgets, hyperconverged and software defined solutions are enabling organisations to save costs, become more flexible and to better meet business requirements in a timely manner. Previously organisations would require separate storage, networking, and server expertise, with often delayed and lengthy internal communication, with hyperconverged and software defined one person can deploy an entire application in a few minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. 

However, blindly adopting hyperconverged or software defined solutions can lead to organisations being left with a number of problems, with costly mistakes frequently made. iSYSTEMS will help you navigate through the saturated market and help you to scope out strategic solutions, not just short term tactical fixes. iSYSTEMS will help you achieve:

  • Easier interoperability - Hyperconverged infrastructure vendors do all of the integration and testing work upfront
  • Better management and visibility - single pane of glass data centre management scenario
  • Stronger system maintenance and support - single source truly means "one throat to choke”!
  • Lower data centre space requirements - high-density approach offers more computing with far less physical space while minimizing airflow containment and cooling efforts
  • Platform for private cloud - creating a one-stop-shop for systems and software
  • Mitigate against vendor lock-in and price rises

When considering hyperconverged solutions there are two main approaches, traditional appliance based, or software only. Traditional appliances offer the most simplicity, delivering a prebuilt, easy to deploy, complete turn-key solution. But with this approach organisations can find themselves locked in to one vendor, unable to decide what hardware their infrastructure sits on, and facing increased costs when expanding. But traditional hyperconverged appliances can prove disruptive and costly to businesses with extensive pre-existing data center assets and staff. Yet by adopting a software defined approach, organisations can utilise existing, or purchase commodity hardware, to significantly reduce the business impact from both a cost and operations perspective.