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Consolidation & Virtualisation

Consolidation & Virtualiation technologies are similar but fundamentally different, the overlap gives thought to how these two techniques should be reconciled in datacenter environments. Server consolidation implies combining workloads from separate machines or similar applications into a smaller number of systems whereas server virtualization involves decoupling a workload and its data from the functional details of the physical platform on which it is hosted. This increases the flexibility with which the workloads can be matched with physical resources, enabling administrators to develop business-driven policies for delivering resources.

Almost every organisation has embraced some form of physical platform consolidation and the adoption of virtualisation technologies. The challenge many are facing today is in ensuring the virtual infrastructure platform is scalable, fit for purpose, up to date and complies with latest best practice. Many are also looking to extend their virtualised estates while leveraging additional features such as disaster recovery and virtual desktops and applications. This in turn paves the way for other business strategies such as private, hybrid and public cloud adoption and BYOD.

iSYSTEMS is a centre of excellence for Virtual Infrastructure and Desktop solutions. We are one of a select number of consultancies in the UK that not only specialises in providing VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, RedHat and Citrix XenServer solutions, but has the capability to enhance and extend functionality while optimising performance. We help our customers to deploy new greenfield virtualisation platforms as well as modernising legacy platforms that have sprawled and need updating. Our technical consultants can manage this process from start to finish while working with our customer’s in-house IT teams to ensure user acceptance and mitigate risk.