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Cloud Management & DevOps

Almost all organisations are realising the benefits cloud computing can bring their business, including lower costs, increased agility and improved time to market. However, cloud computing still presents many challenges regarding data compliance and security, cloud sprawl, spiralling costs, and vendor lock-in. To date, cloud computing has been adopted in an ad hoc manner, often starting as pilot projects or tactical solutions. This has resulted in organisations having to deal with increasingly complex environments, at times across multiple public and on-premise clouds.  Additionally, many organisations are developing or expanding DevOps teams to enable increased efficiency in application creation and delivery. But to remain competitive and satisfy the needs of Agile Development Teams, IT organisations need to provide a computing environment that enables them to develop and deploy application stacks in real time. This has proven to be a challenge as IT must adhere to corporate governance, workflows and security.

iSYSTEMS helps organisations to create and control unified, simple, and easy to manage public, private and hybrid cloud environments. We can provide you with a suite of cloud provisioning and orchestration solutions that integrate with your existing infrastructure while empowering the future business roadmap. We’ll help you to combine all infrastructure onto a single pane of glass, whether it’s on-premise, cloud-based, hypervisors, containers, or bare metal. This enables companies to reign in shadow IT, take a proactive approach to managing cost, and drastically reduce complexity, allowing organisations to:

  •            Manage costs across multiple clouds in real time
  •            View automated costing recommendations
  •            Speed up provisioning by 10X
  •            Improve server density 4-6X
  •            Accelerate DevOps workflows by 100x
  •            Accelerate Agile development
  •            Store Data as a Golden Copy on any Storage or Cloud
  •            Provision on-demand virtual database clones and perform instant recoveries.
  •            Provision space optimised Virtual Database Clones for DevOps teams
  •            Recover multi-TB databases instantly in the datacenter or public cloud
  •            Deliver public cloud SLA’s while using on-premise hardware
  •            Automate backups, monitoring, logging, and alerting

iSYSTEMS can implement tools to enable one click provisioning that can drastically reduce the time it takes to deploy an enterprise application. This can be used to provide automated backups, logging and monitoring ensure that service level agreements are met while adhering to established approval workflows enabling a true DevOps methodology. We’ll help you to accelerate DevOps workflows by 100x or more by automating flow from code creation to deployment. iSYSTEMS can enable your DevOps teams to instantly create on demand self-service database copies from a single cloud image, while using virtually no additional storage capacity. These copies can be used by DevOps teams to accelerate application development, reducing the time to provision copies from days to minutes. Let your teams focus on getting projects done, instead of menial tasks like spinning up virtual machines!