Storage Solutions Breakfast Briefing

Data volumes are exploding! By 2020 the amount of data produced will exceed 40 Zettabytes, which is the equivalent of 5,200Gb of data for every man, women and child on Earth. Organisations are under increasing pressure to meet regulatory demands while ensuring data does not become corrupted, lost or erased. Your data must be secure, immutable, retrievable,  complete with a chain of custody and businesses are going to be expected to generate, store and interrogate more and more data than ever before!

So the big question is ....................

“Where are you going to put yours?”

We know that there are many things happening in the On-Premise storage market as the dominating legacy disk-based SAN, NAS, block and file arrays give way to multiple alternative storage strategies: Flash and hybrid Flash & disk, object storage for multi-PB file stores, Hadoop for Big Data, converged and Hyper-converged for pursuers of simplicity.

At this event, you will gain an insight into the following:

  • Enable business agility through just-in-time infrastructure, simple deployment & scale-out.
  • How archiving can be a corner stone for MiFID 2 and GDPR compliance whilst simultaneously offering safeguards from the worst effects of Ransomware to an organisations high value data
  • Help IT teams rapidly deploy and scale applications and service that power the business.
  • Improve ROI and lower TCO, CAPEX and OPEX .
  • The latest innovations in All flash technology backed by Foresight and why it’s now an affordable game changer for every business.
  • How customers are now realising big benefits and costs savings by collapsing the traditional data centre tiers into more simplified converged and hyper coverged platforms.
  • Understand the way users access and manage files has changed and how you can address issues this presents.


8.15am - Registration

8.30am - Welcome & Intro to iSYSTEMS

8.40am - Kaminario

9.00am - Nutanix

9.20am - Nexsan

9.40am- Q & A