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Data Lifecycle Management

Managing and protecting data is increasingly critical to the success of today's businesses and is the number one challenge currently faced by IT departments. Data is growing exponentially and legislation requires organisations to ensure data is recoverable and accessible in ever shorter time frames. A robust DLM policy that meets the business long terms requirements for data creation and retention is paramount

iSYSTEMS has a wealth of experience in helping organisations to define and implement their storage, archiving, backup/recovery and data replication strategies. We help enterprises manage data growth, cut costs, and reduce risk by simplifying data management.

We will conduct an in-depth assessment to accurately evaluate your requirements and provide a report covering the key areas below:

  • Storage Infrastructure - SAN, NAS, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, etc.
  • Data Classification - What data is contained within the estate, when was it last accessed, how much data is duplicate data, which departments use the most data etc.
  • Backup/Recovery Infrastructure - Existing backup and recovery infrastructure, backup policies, retention policies, RPO/RTO risk analysis, percentage of backups failing, etc.
  • Business Continuity - Existing data replication infrastructure, RPO/RTO risk analysis, maturity model for BC.
  • Data Security - Risk analysis of existing data security, maturity model for data security/passwords/encryption, etc.

While all our customers admit that they “backup” in one way or another, few can say that their backup strategy is perfect and they can guarantee that all data is backed up 100% of the time and they have no problems with immediate file or VM level restores. Most admit that their backup process is slow for large volumes of data (especially for full backups) & the restore process is also slow and manual. Lots are still using and managing tape. We can help guide our customers through the complexities of backup and restore, we help them significantly reduce their backup windows, ensure data sovereignty and improve RPO & RTO.

We take a ‘bottom up’ approach when assessing your data storage stack. We look at what data you have that should not be sat within expensive primary storage and how much we can move out into a low cost highly available active archive solution.  This is generally static data that has been unchanged for long periods of time, things like emails, email attachments, excel files, PDF’s, picture, videos etc. This is still important business related information but as it is untouched why keep it on expensive primary storage and sat in your data backup window?

By introducing a successful active archive policy, we are helping customers retrieve petabytes of expensive primary storage while significantly reducing down the amount of data that needs to be backed up and therefore significantly shrinking backup windows.  Our professional services team can quickly and easily run some data discovery tools to analyse our customer’s data and see exactly how much primary storage space they can regain and how much data can be removed from the backup window.

With our in-depth skills and extensive experience, you can be safe in the knowledge that any investment in data storage, backup and archiving will help you attain true data management at a reasonable price, without being disruptive to the business.