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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged platforms combine storage, networking and compute resources into one easy-to-manage, easy-to-acquire unit. They all traditionally offer a single pane of glass for management, or at least a single management model, and support for converged solutions usually comes through a single vendor.

The concept of converged infrastructures mitigates heterogeneous data centre drawbacks. Heterogeneous ‘best of breed’ data centres have curated the highest-performance products for the budget, but mixing systems and software from an array of vendors can pose integration, management and support problems.

Hyperconverged infrastructure can be disruptive, especially for traditional businesses with extensive pre-existing data center assets and staff. However, if the business is willing to invest in the change, converged infrastructure will ease the burden on IT staff and erase traditional silos that limit productivity.

With major advantages over mixed data centres, converged infrastructures might replace hardware and management tool expenditures on this year's IT budget. iSYSTEMS will work with you to help you achieve:

  • Easier interoperability - Hyperconverged infrastructure vendors do all of the integration and testing work upfront
  • Better management and visibility - single pane of glass data centre management scenario
  • Stronger system maintenance and support - single source truly means "one throat to choke”!
  • Lower data centre space requirements - high-density approach offers more computing with far less physical space while minimizing airflow containment and cooling efforts
  • Platform for private cloud - creating a one-stop-shop for systems and software