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Cloud Services

With “cloud” continuing to be a big buzz word in the IT industry, almost all organisations are being asked to investigate what benefits cloud computing can bring their business to lower costs, increase agility and improve time to market. However, cloud computing still presents many risks regarding data compliance, security, vendor viability, and liability. To date, cloud computing has been adopted in an ad hoc manner, often starting as pilot projects or tactical solutions. For cloud computing to be successful, IT organisations need a well thought-out cloud adoption strategy that takes into account the risks and rewards. This strategy has never been more important as we are now seeing more and more organisations trying to get back out of the cloud when it hasn’t lived up to expectations, this is often at vast expense and complexity.

Whether it is Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud, we will help you identify the right approach for your organisation and mitigate risk by identifying the most appropriate cloud adoption strategy and provider. Our Cloud Readiness and Adoption Assessment will help you to understand what approach is the most appropriate for you, e.g. vertical strategies (test and dev, DR etc.), horizontal (end to end application or service). We will also help you to understand the true costs of migrating to a cloud or aaS model and create a cost benefit analysis and ROI report that you can present to the business with confidence.

iSYSTEMS can provide you with a suite of cloud services that integrates with your existing infrastructure and your future business requirements. We can ensure your transition to managed cloud services is easy, reliable and cost effective, backed by crystal clear contractual terms and customer service.

Rather than promote a one-size-fits-all cloud solution, we tailor solutions and work with clients to discover:

  • How you can best utilise the cloud to ensure reliability and scalability whilst maximising the ROI
  • Which systems you should locate and, most importantly, which you should not
  • What are the most appropriate technology partners for you ensuring that failsafe best-in-class infrastructure supports the applications you need to run

We can provide you with an optimised Service Level Agreement so you can be 100% confident your most precious assets – the business-critical systems – are guaranteed available, well managed, and monitored.

iSYSTEMS has worked with a large variety of clients in a number of sectors where the need for a safe and secure method is paramount in storing private data. We provide a range of cloud services which improve operational efficiencies, reduce cost, and ultimately enables business advantage by aligning IT to business requirements.

Our services include:

  • Public cloud deployment
  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration (Utilsing both public and private cloud)
  • Professional services to design and deploy your own private cloud
  • Managed backup & storage
  • Integrated cloud monitoring
  • Service delivery management

You can utilise our cloud or technical skills and expertise to build your private cloud environment on premise, migrate to public cloud solution or create a best of breed hybrid solution. iSYSTEMS is a vendor agnostic centre of excellence for cloud integration and deployment.